In this context, presidential feminism remains ambiguous, as is illustrated by the speech delivered during the UNFT's third congress, held between December 20–29, 1962, in which he declared that he had to protect the family and guarantee to man the faculty of being its head. The feminist question is a recurring theme in Tunisia, more than in all the other countries of the Maghrib, and the country is from that point of view "atypical" of the region. L'un des époux ne peut revenir durant l'audience de jugement sur l'accord donné en conciliation qu'avec l'assentiment de l'autre conjoint. Discours féministe et fait islamiste en Tunisie. Courts during this period often interpreted the Code in a restrictive manner, refusing, for example, all right of inheritance for non Muslim women in religiously mixed marriages. 0000005494 00000 n On June 13, 1955, Bouzid, then the magazine's only woman, edited in its eighth issue an article signed with the pseudonym of Layla and entitled "Call For Emancipation Law." Ce code a fait l’objet depuis 1958, de nombreuses réformes. These measures added to co-education in schools and as a consequence the entry of more and more young women into the workplace, involving the decline of marriage and of births of which the target was 46 per cent in 1966 and 30 per cent in 1971. Cette matière devint autonome avec la promulgation du code du statut personnel tunisien (CSP) et de la Moudawwana marocaine. Code du statut personnel (Tunisie) Proposé par : Cimoi 2 avril 2008 à 17:41 (CEST) Dans le cadre du projet Tunisie et du Wikiconcours, j'ai amélioré cet article qui présente de façon précise et synthétique le sujet.Au terme de son passage en BA, quelques détails ont été arrangés, si vous avez des suggestions ou des questions, elles sont bien sûr les bienvenues. CODE DU STATUT PERSONNEL Décret du 13 août 1956, portant promulgation Du Code du Statut Personnel (1) Louanges à Dieu ! Furthermore, from 1999 to 2004 job creation grew 3.21 per cent for women, with an average of 19,000 created each year. <<31A9F056E67ADF41A027267372754CE1>]>> . 1930 to 19341934 to 19391939 to 19451945 to 19491949 to 1956. Gouvernement Tunisien (aprueba) Descripción Clasificación Documento Índice: Code de Statut Personnel en Tunisie Indice Livre I - Du mariage- Chapitre I - Des fiançailles- Chapitre II - Du mariage. How abase ourselves to this functioning of an intelligent animal?". ", In 1995, other legislative innovations were voted in the allocation of the goods at the heart of a couple, recognizing the fact that the composition of the goods was made by two spouses and in divorce cases women could not be excluded in the division of joint inheritances. Radhia Haddad recognizes Bourguiba's merits in these transformations: "If all countries have finished, one day or the other, in freeing themselves from foreign invaders, none, and surely no Arab Muslim country, has dared a social revolution to such an extent.". It made maternal grandparents equally entitled, eliminating the concept of the patriarchal family. This opposition which considered the Code "violated Islamic norms" constituted and included several figures, of which Muhammad Abdu'l Aziz, wrongly considered one of the inspirers of the Code, who judged the Code "too remote from Sharia precepts.". Rapport de partage d'une succession selon les dispositions du Code du Statut Personnel tunisien. Le Code du statut personnel tunisien distingue les empêchements permanents des empêchements provisoires (art. During a speech delivered on December 26, 1962, Bouguiba stated: "Work contributes to the emancipation of women. (J. O. R. T. n°104 du 28 décembre 1956) ... Tunisie: des centaines de résidents français rapatriés en … This reasoning was approved on November 5, 1973 by a circular of the minister of justice who to, "stay away from the negative sides of the West," prohibited marriages between Muslims and non Muslims and who judged void marriages in which the non Muslim husband had not converted to Islam and where a certificate of conversion was not provided. Même les actes les plus audacieux dans le cadre de la réforme, comme le CSP (Code du statut personnel), ont été accompagnés de justifications à partir d’une interprétation libérale de la loi religieuse. 0000006191 00000 n In this same case, consent for the marriage of a minor must be given by the closest parent who must fulfil three conditions, namely being of sound mind, adult and masculine.". In total, in 2004 they constituted 26.6 per cent of the work force, although in 1989 they had only represented 20.9 per cent and a mere 5.5 per cent in 1966. On January 10, 1957, the wearing of the veil at school was forbidden. (J.O.R.T n°104 du 28 Décembre 1956) Louanges à Dieu ! Bourguiba founded the Union of Tunisian Women in 1956 entrusting to it leadership in favourable publicity for his feminist policy. Le Code du statut personnel tunisien distingue les empêchements permanents des empêchements provisoires (art. July 1, 1965 saw a law allowing abortion as much for social as for therapeutic reasons. These two rights became official on March 14, 1957 and Tunisian women voted for the first time in municipal elections in May 1959 and later in the presidential and legislative elections of November 1959. On the morrow, March 19, Ben Ali, during a televised address, publicly asserted his support for the Code. According to the decrees of March 29, 1956 and October 1, 1958, Zitouna University was closed as were the other madrasses, the official goal being "to progressively suppress all previous types of teaching, unadapted, hybrid or outdated." Forums. Transfert vers Statut des femmes en Tunisie. On September 7, he asked members of the religious courts for their opinions concerning the Code's conformity with religious law. This Code is one of the best known deeds of Habib Bourguiba, who was Prime Minister and later President. 0000005621 00000 n - Code du statut personnel - Loi du 3 juin 1966 réaménageant la garde des enfants - Loi du 18 février 1981 modifiant certaines dispositions du code de statut personnel relatives au divorce et à la tutelle. On August 13, 1992, on the occasion of National Woman's Day, Ben Ali gave a speech renewing Bourguiba's modernism in which he stated: "The rehabilitation of woman, the recognition of her gains and the consecration of her rights in the context of religious values to which our people are proud to adhere." But then, in behaving this way one destroys at one blow the fervour and veneration that we all owe to the sacred. Nevertheless, Islamists continued their project to annul the Code and this so well that its previous acceptance constituted an acceptable condition for the legislation of political parties which had not been in accord with Ennahda. 0000008292 00000 n The Code, nevertheless, has known many difficulties arising from Tunisian society. [�ӓ�����Z%���o��6�W�$R3�ݛ>((O-�'�u��I᎕�g���� x�Q����ͱο@Т�w_ͱ�1�\���f��)�'$�ou�S����!���tSq�G41�:�E"�>M���۹tJ�y���n2�u�=1VX�(�>���qC�볦ͮaA\�-l��F���`���`?� 0�/�pے��i~�a �Z�i�~�U�:qB�Z�V��(�YӖ_:@���qՓ�fWP[kʖ&�"��_\}N�|Zx�w|�jN�`�r$�lƔ�[�i�n9F1FFk����g��O�N�V ���3��z6Q�*+�į)��ǧ��k�L�9��Myg+� �9�׈����:қ���Ǘ���S��?+s t�ށ��ҚJ*,܋:��z�z�B���]�h/"bNdd��O�"t)4>j?SJ��Fz�5-&5��&M���2�|mwcFCR�ε0|-�&2k�������b-y[��q�?J¡2N��! 72 Invités, 0 Membres Statistiques courantes : Total des membres: 4 107 Total des messages: 18 966 Total des sujets: 5 729 Total des catégories: 22 Total des sections: 55 The reference to Islam, become almost ritual, even if there was also added the memory of the ancient Carthaginian past of the country in insisting on its cultural diversity, becomes more subdued by referring to speeches given between 1987 and 1989. returning to this speech, three major ideas dominate: praise of achieved and irreversible modernity, recognition of known societal advances, such as the passing of the extended family for the nuclear family, and the necessity to put into practice the advances in legal texts. He seems to renounce one of the principles of his modernization policy. Nous déclarons nulle et non avenue toute modification ou remises en question des droits de la femme qui sont figurés dans le Code du Statut Personnel. I respect this religion for which have done everything so that this Islamic country not be in colonial humiliation. On August 3, secular courts replaced religious courts as the high court for the application of Islamic law, while the law of September 27, 1957 closed the rabbinical court of Tunis. Bourguiba is declared to be a mujtahid and not a Kemalist, because he reproached the Turkist leader as too removed from society. 0 Code du statut personnel (Tunisie) Code du statut personnel. Décret du 13 août 1956 (6 moharem 1376) portant promulgation du Code du Statut Personnel (J.O.T n° 104 du 28 Décembre 1956) Nature texte : Loi de promulgation . The arguments he presented there were subsequently adopted by Bourguiba in his speeches. For Bourguiba, the condition of equality between spouses being impossible to assure, prohibition of polygamy became therefore legitimate. Also, the silence of the Code concerning marriage between a Muslim woman and a non Muslim man, since 1969, is interpreted by most judges as a recognition of the prohibition decreed by Muslim law in the matter. The Code, to the contrary, instituted a divorce procedure that "could not take place except before a court" which decided "the dissolution of the marriage." This act registered a series of reforms touching other aspects of the impact of religion on society. At the beginning of March 1988, the daily Assabah announced that an amendment of the Code aiming at the prohibition of the adoption of children was under consideration, and this provoked the reaction of forty academics of all political orientations who circulated a petition calling for, "the necessary separation of Islam and politics." Les articles du texte : Préambule; Article premier; Article 2; Articles 3-4-5. By her work a woman or a girl assures her existence and becomes conscious of her dignity.". startxref Tunisie, RÉVISION DU CODE DU STATUT PERSONNEL. Furthermore, in the absence of the equity law, they represented 14.89 per cent of the members of government, 22.75 per cent (43 of 189) of the deputies of the House elected on October 24, 2004, 27.06 per cent of municipal councillors and 18 per cent of the members of the economic and social council. Bourguiba's successor, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, did not challenge the Code and himself introduced modifications that reinforced it, in particular with the July 1993 amendment. En Tunisie, le droit de la famille est réglementé par le Code du Statut Personnel. Vu Notre décret du 12 juillet 1956 (30 doulhidja 1375), fixant le statut personnel des Tunisiens non musulmans et non israélites, Vu Notre décret du 3 août 1956 (25 doulhidja 1375), portant modification de certains articles du Code tunisien de procédure civile, Vu l'avis du conseil des Ministres, As for the Muslim union and the cells destourian women created in 1951-1952, they did not begin to call for the right to vote and eligibility for office until 1955. Polygamy, although rather marginal in the period, is likewise forbidden, even if the second union is not "formal:" "Whosoever being engaged in the bonds of matrimony shall contract another before the dissolution of the preceding shall be liable to a year's imprisonment and to a fine." 93-74 of July 12, 1993 modified the Code giving wives the right to transfer her patrimony and nationality to children to the same extent as husbands, even if she was married to a foreigner, on the sole condition that the father has given his approval. Loi n° 59-77 du 19 juin 1959. Le Code de statut personnel tunisien a été promulgué par la loi du 13 août 1956. Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message,, Articles needing additional references from May 2008, All articles needing additional references, Featured articles needing translation from French Wikipedia, Articles needing translation from French Wikipedia, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Articles with empty sections from June 2010, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. But the right to education remained the only one unanimously sought by feminine organizations. 0000007001 00000 n Qui est en ligne ? "We reaffirm here our support for these achievements and our determination to protect them and to enhance them.". Moreover, the illiteracy rate of women ten years and older declined from 96.6 per cent in 1956 to 58.1 per cent in 1984 to 42.3 per cent in 1994 to 31 per cent in 2004; the masculine rate in 2004 was 21.2 per cent. A law of March 1958 imposed civil marriage and on December 14, 1960, another law limited to four the number of children benefiting from family allowances. CSP – Code du statut personnel tunisien. Finally, another prescription annulled the privilege of paternal grandparents to receive support payments for children. 0000330105 00000 n 0000325661 00000 n is a platform for academics to share research papers. The 1980s are characterized in the same line through an immobility in terms of feminist reforms, with the exception of some advances not negotiable at the beginning of the decade: law no. In 1959, Safia Farhat and Bouzid co-founded the magazine Faiza, which, although it ceased publication in December 1969, remained famous in the Maghrib and more generally in Africa, as the first Arab-African feminine francophone magazine. Politique, L'égalité successorale soumise au Parlement La première chaîne mondiale d'information pour l'Afrique. L'adoption du Code du Statut Personnel, le 13 août 1956, quelques mois après l'indépendance, atteste que Habib Bourguiba transgresse. Many translated example sentences containing "le code du statut personnel tunisien" – English-French dictionary and search engine for English translations.

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