also a fan theory of mine: this could have repercussions in the future too where they unintentionally create a timeline where Kang rises to power. The Avengers that are left from the Time Heist all suit up, for protection presumably, for possible effects from snapping everyone back to life... understandable. Didn't look like it to me tbh, even when I slowed the footage down. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. edit: off top of head, check out Amazon training sessions or the speed they used while they on horses and use arrows to beat german soldiers with guns, and Atlanteans doing fast feats in water even though great pressure that hampers their movements in deep ocean water. The chance only increases to 58% . 6. (1 the "feats aren't "great", cap can match them. Saying Diana is >= Thor because she kills her enemies while Thor doesn't is a false equivalency. Thor outclasses Diana in every category except speed. My original claim is Thor outstats her in every physical category except speed and I have yet to be proven wrong. This just goes back to my first point about how I didn't address all of your points because most of it was completely missing the point like here. This just goes back to my first point about how I didn't address all of your points because most of it was completely missing the point like here. The one who couldn't understand I say "many" not "all" Batmen, and uselessly rambled about arkham and comic batman versions dare to to call somebody a "dolt". 0. I mean, it does matter if Doomsday is trying to break out of the lasso vs trying to move away with the lasso around him. *****************************************************************************************, Bottom line: Superman/Wonder Woman/Batman team win. Oh snap. The snap works, maybe, too early to tell. NO!! Not until WW84 where she seems to be getting a speed upgrade. Thanos vs Trinity is part of Movies Collection and its available for Desktop Laptop PC and Mobile Screen. Post feats to back up this claim, why don't you? Thor could do that too with Stormbreaker. But it is, Doomsday attack > Thor, she can take Doomsday attack and smile, she take Thor-especially if it hit her indirect through regular shield-"no problem". @eldominance: Ww and batman are WHAT!??? Spoilers for Champions #2 ahead! moved his arm fast enough to catch a fighter jet's ejection seat. Yes he does, we've seen him move and time things faster than Steve and is shown tagging and matching Abomination in speed who was amped on super solider serum BEFORE getting the Hulk's DNA. Bottom line-which none of your "great" posts" change in anyway: Superman/Wonder Woman/Batman team>to Marvel 3 that fought against Thanos in Endgame, and that mean DC trio win. Which mean faster Wonder Woman go to work on Thor no problem fist to fist (she got strike power to hurt him, speed to dodge him, skill to out fight him, and weapons to bind, control, and slay him at speeds he got no chance to handle), Double so??? Home. Never said that Thor would win or anything. Two destroyers of worlds- one who revels in the title, and one who regrets it- face off. 94% Upvoted. if i feel like it later, it late and there certain things like water wet, sand is dry sky is blue and thor and many marvel movie people slower than DC movie people is so obvious true it not to be "debated" i get more energy later today i show it no problem but i not motivated to go out of my way now when it late and I tired for a user who childishly name called me. For now, they're both in the supersonic range, with WW being faster. Despite having no actual powers of his own, Batman is still one of the deadliest fighters in the entire DC universe. But whatever advantage he might have there it irrelevant since it would do him no good in a fight with her, so your "point" a fail. If you play the scene slowly you'll see that she jumped toward him with her Sword drawn trying to stab him and he punched her dead center with her shield at her side. That lightning bolt wasn't even Diana's btw. u/sarmientoj24. What's you point? Without scaling, Thor flipping a gold table is better than her lifting a tank. Ooh, a childish name call: the mark of a "great" debator. 3. (Which fight was better not who would win) Avengers: Endgame (Best I could Find) Batman Vs. Superman Already said Doomsday > Thor. Superman statues and snaps 37% . The trinity walk outside, Thanos, who Thor killed himself, is sat there. You might b… Going up against Stoneless Thanos from Endgame. 2. Are you for reals, try to palm that as speed feat on Diana level? They all know Thanos’ capabilities. Download Thanos vs Trinity Wallpaper for free in different resolution (HD Widescreen 4K 5K 8K Ultra HD), Wallpaper support different devices like Desktop PC or Laptop, Mobile and tablet. 0. With the trinity it’s much more than a chance. Comic and Arkham Batman use gadgets way more often. Ha Ha! I didn't say it was on Diana's level you dim-bulb. The new Marvel “trinity” of Nova, Ms. Marvel, and Miles Morales is finally official. irrelevant. No, you're just too thick-skulled to understand most of my points like in your previous post when I said Thor has good combat speeds but then your dysfunctional self somehow translated that into me saying Thor has better combat speeds than Diana. He waay slower than Diana and less skilled-that why he loses to her, No they don't, they trump them in your mind, nowheres else. Oppenheimer: Anyone who believes that 'Thanos did nothing wrong' crap has obviously never heard you rap! It's literally impossible for her to stand this close to the blast with no shield and not get hit. don't have to put her "above", it "enough"-more than "enough" to take any stray blow get through. No because the energy would hit and vaporize him the same way it's hitting Diana it's just not killing her. Most of what you said is you missing the point so I'll only address the points worth mentioning. That's like saying if she just tied the lasso to a stop sign Doomsday still wouldn't be able to move. HST with moderate diff 4% . NOT GOING TO ASK HOW WHAT WHY? 126 Favourites. Their (giggle) "good" speed not on par with Diana and Doomsday, that is point. 1. charaderdude2 Posts: 1,530 ★★★ May 2018. don't have to put her "above", it "enough"-more than "enough" to take any stray blow get through, but none will get through she either dodge or block with bracelet, regular shield, or energy shield (she block faster Doomdsday she got no problem block slower thor who you admit slower, Her bracelets regular shield and energy shield guarantees she can ignore stormbreaker, She absorbed massive lightning AOE from Ares and smile, same will happen to Thor. More than enough? 9 comments. @supernotebook: ww and batman are fodder and as we already know thanos > thor > supes, @eldominance said: ww and batman are fodder, In Bizarro land they "fodder", in regular universe Batman bombards Thanos with attacks from the Batplane that distract him while WW slice him to bits at bullet + speed-sword that rip through Doomsday gonna leave grape face a bloody mess, and as we already know thanos > thor > supes, "We" don't know nothing like that cause it not true-Superman>Thanos>Thor is correct stats. She's standing a good 20 feet or more away from Doomsday, I'd say it's not impossible. Thanos face these three, it would for sure be the "endgame" for him. Trio is completely BLOODLUSTED,Future Thanos erased their Love ones: Martha Kent, Lois Lane, Selina Kyle and Steve Trevor, Thanos is in-character, mocking them for their loss. Thor's energy durability feats exceed that of Doomsday's heat vision, he can at least withstand a few blasts. "lmao" thor not have Stormbreaker is why he can't handle thor or thanos-he got no good combats speeds for offense so he gots to go fist to fist, and both are stronger than thor, so he get beat down, since WW way faster she gonna do same to thor, and with sword she cut him up for sure, he don't got the speed to block her. . 4. If there was no danger of it touching her then Could batman go out and stab DD with the spear? With Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans. Right? Press J to jump to the feed. 3 Thors. Diana is the one actually holding Doomsday back from moving. But hey! The Avengers and their allies must be willing to sacrifice all in an attempt to defeat the powerful Thanos before his blitz of devastation and ruin puts an end to the universe. Oh, great "brilliant" user-they slow to the DC people mentioned in thread, that the point (you had nerve mention "thick skulled"?? Didn't Tony make a comment about how when you mess with time it messes back? Slowpoke like Hogun block them easy, so thor reacting to her don't mean nothing, Quicksilver just about statue him, him getting easy outdid by Quicksilver not a "feat" for Thor, plus fact that Quicksilver got hit by bullets while Amazon block multiple high power ones and hasn't got hit ONCE-that even MORE a bad mark on thor, Saying he has no good combat speeds is a bit ignorant, Claiming Thor got good combat speeds at all much less anywhere nears Diana (and using above "feats" as some kind of good showings for thor) is what actually "ignorant"-and show impressive hypocrite skills. We clearly see Doomsday slow down in his landing while he is about to hit Diana too. Superman alone can give Thanos an extreme dif fight if not outright beat him with BvS feats. Totally true, since I said This Batman use gadgets more than many other versions, not all (show me where I said he use it more than comic and Arkham-you understand difference between "many" and "all", right? Neither Cap or Spiderman are on Thor's level. Download Thanos vs Trinity Wallpaper for free in 1336x768 Resolution for your screen. I think they l assumed (correctly) that this was a different Thanos. The Trinity. Thanos vs Trinity is part of Movies Collection and its available for Desktop Laptop PC and Mobile Screen. Her telekinetic abilities come close to crushing him, ripping his armor off and making him grimace. Batman steals the guanlet and Snaps, ends Thany, brings everyone back, bangs Selena, game over. 1. So on top of being factually incorrect about Doomsday's attacks, you're still underestimating Thor, as usual. Thanos has skill advantage over Doomsday and a sword but his street level combat speed isn't helping him here. Nebula isn't there,no questions asked, just raise the blast shields. And even if she was, it's not like that would put her above Thor in durability. Even the gif of Doomsday's AOE output (not his heat vision) is still surpassed by the Sokovia explosion. Simply put, the Mad Titan is more motivated on his quest in Endgame, and the fire of youth is burning hot within him.Remember, this is the Thanos from 2014's Guardians of the Galaxy who didn't have any Infinity Stones as the Mind Stone he had was loaned to Loki was lost, which is why the Mad Titan went after the Orb using Ronan's legion. save. Store. She had her shield for this and pretty much every hit Doomsday lands. Batman was lifting fully grown men and tossing them around like feather pillows. Shocked by his appearance and the belief that he would destroy all life in the universe, Sui-San attempted to kill him, but she was stopped by A'lars. Close. Diana slices and dices while Superman watches the show. After the fall of the Trinity, Scarlet Witch, whose powers originate from the Mind Stone, gives Thanos a run for his money. 0. His energy outputs also clearly not touching her. Me: okay in the new trailer the original avengers are back together, we have the Tony Steve Thor trinity back. Will their combined power can stand against Thanos? He's been above her in everything but speed since his first film. It’s not even close. You try to lowball/outright deny she got hit direct by Doosmday, point is even if it had hit shield the length she flew and the things she smash through with no damage show she got great durables no matter what, more than enough to handle strikes from Thor if he could even touch her (which he mostly can't he too slow). You like a "great" thinker going on and on and on about the speed of a race car (Thor, Hulk, Thanos), when if it being compared to a jet (WW, Doomsday) the much much MUCH slower car's "feats" are irrelevant! Of course you sure, you been showed you part of the Thor winnnzzzz/exaggerate his feats club from first bias post. He gets turned into a red smear by Doomsday who has Amped Kryptonian level strength. Blade vs Thanos. Wonder Woman seals the deal. Thanos scales above the Hulk. Ignoring that I wasn't pitting them in a fight against each other, Thor's durability is still better. And MCU Captain America is easily metahuman. Hilarious false equivalency. It is 100% a false equivalency. You claim it makes no sense, is what make no sense. Doomsday is definitely faster, by multiple times over, but you're sleeping on Thor. Neo, Trinity, Morpheus (The Matrix Reloaded) vs MCU Thanos (Endgame) Ultra_Girl_ Follow 3936. And who's to say that her shield didn't take the hit? Diana stopping a running punch without even straining much while DD has much better leverage, then later screaming in effort doing the first gif makes this an obvious outlier. B10. Wiki Points. Wondy decaps 4% . Tony had the line: "You mess with time, time tends to mess back". Listening to you took everything I have left. Now I get that the movies show us time condensed version of what is going on... probably, But it irks me somewhat when characters don't react in certain ways. In this scenario, no. Jun 30, 2019 - Avengers Trinity vs Thanos iPhone Wallpaper. They don’t know if he has the stones or anything. Never said that Thor would win or anything. Recap / Epic Rap Battles Of History Thanos Vs J Robert Oppenheimer Go To × Edit Locked. albeit he isn't as fast as Diana in combat... which I've already stated. The bifrost explosion, the Destroyer blasts, Sokovia feat, and power stone explosion all trump Doomsday's heat vision by feats. Thor could do that in his dream after Wanda TP him to see that fantasy, in reality he don't land a blow cause he too slow but the lasso to restrain him and sword to gut him like butter land on him.

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