Avec Zig qui rôde dans les parages, il a du boulot ! Sharko, who had forgotten her birthday, decides to invite himself along. Zig et Bernie découvrent un sous-marin échoué dans une crique. What a challenge! Sharko must take over this huge responsibility... During one of their epic chases, Zig and Sharko get lost in the jungle. Retrouvez le guide des épisodes de la saison 1 de la série Zig et Sharko, ainsi que le casting et les critiques des internautes. Zig and Sharko follow. And since Marina loves to dance, Zig takes advantage to track the mermaid to the sound of the music, much to Sharko's dismay. All the ship’s passengers suddenly grow old. Sharko is devastated, but learns that Hades has a remote device, which means you can revert time! Meanwhile, Sharko misses Zig, and gets depressed. A mime follows Sharko, publicizing his upcoming show onboard the ship. How far must he rewind to bring his beloved back to life? The lifeboat breaks off from the ship and falls into the water. Of course, Zig makes the most of the shark’s weakness. A chase between Zig and Sharko ends with the hyena getting covered in pizza. With such a dumb bodyguard, catching the mermaid is going to be a cinch. Bernie, who has had an argument with Zig, decides to move there. Learning to ski doesn’t come easily to Marina - Zig goes for her whenever he gets a chance…, Marina wants a butler. Selon le site genéanet, Julien Doré n'est pas l'arrière-arrière-petit-neveu de l’illustrateur Gustave Doré [1], [2], contrairement à ce qu’il a affirmé [3].Il est en revanche l'arrière-arrière-petit-fils d'Émile Waldteufel [4]. Reams and reams of paper are on board. A medieval tournament is organised, and Sharko and Zig compete for Princess Marina. When the ship sinks underwater, Sharko tries to take the opportunity to kill some nostalgic memories of swimming in the ocean, but Marina forces him to help her fix the boat instead. The island now faces a huge problem when Marina is wooed by a foreign man promising her freedom and festivities. Zig decides that he will take up water skiing too and nab the mermaid…, Zig has thrown out his back and can no longer move. Sharko has to adapt to mountaineering…, A pyramid is discovered on the beach! Teleportation portals could help Zig nab Marina. J'ai bien rigolé J'ai adoré J'ai aimé Pas mal ! December 24, 2018 (Screenopsis) May 6, 2019(K2, Italy) August 5, 2019(Kividoo, Germany) August 19, 2019(Super RTL, Germany)[1] September 2, 2019(Gulli, France)[2] September 13, 2019(Cartoon Network, Maroc and Taiwan) September 19, 2019(Youtube) This season is similar in the first and second season. La remarquable épisode 2 streaming VF est l’épisode clé de la série Zig et Sharko. Le ballon perdu: Saison 3 épisode 43. samedi 19 déc. Let’s dance! Marina brazenly seizes the Ocean King’s Trident… and creates total havoc. However, he himself has to dress the part to replace the hyena after ejecting him into orbit. 3 candidates including Zig turn up for recruitment. https://zigandsharko.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_episodes?oldid=41052. Bernie - disheartened by Zig’s ever-ridiculous, vain attempts to catch the mermaid – resolves to put an end to such pathetic demonstrations. The lagoon is invaded by whales. Alright. Sharko is furious: he isn't selected for the cast! Marina, who feels that there’s just too much injustice going unchecked on the island, declares that Sharko will be the new local police officer. He does a whole series of cool aerial tricks in order to impress her... A castaway lands on the island. It turns out to be da Vinci's Codex Atlanticus - full of technical diagrams for his brilliant inventions. Zig's sudden ambition to become a racing champion leads to a thrilling car race between the animals! J’ai bon espoir, car Xilam a su tout récemment repartir sur de bonnes bases avec la toute aussi drôle série Zig et Sharko qui est presque un hommage à la gloire de Oggy et les cafards. Sharko has a chronic case of hiccups. Zig is delighted but his bodyguards have other plans... Why are the hyena and the hermit crab such good friends? The record is a success. Sharko can’t stand gags and pranks, so Marina teams up with Zig and Bernie in order to loosen him up. Sharko tries to get rid of them. They are going to invent a thousand and one ways of using the bamboo to catch the mermaid. A meteorite is approaching the earth! Prochaine diffusion de Zig et Sharko - Saison 1 : 23h45 samedi 19 décembre 2020. L’épisode 7 est remplie d’événements, d’intérêts et de situations très marquantes, sans oublier les acteurs qui maîtrisent leurs rôles à la perfection. Sharko hijacks a seaplane and showing off, cruises in to pick up his honey. Bernie is assigned to the helm, while the usual chase takes place on board. Can they overcome past differences to survive… and get back on the cruise boat? A mummy tries – unsuccessfully – to sell charms and knick-knacks on the beach. Marina is suddenly crazy for surfing? If only Zig had that Renaissance genius …. Curious but unwise, our friends climb inside to explore…and shoot into space by mistake. Zig uses a shapeshifting jellyfish that washes up on shore in his latest scheme. Avec plus de 6 votes et la note de 4.30/10, la saison 2 de la série Zig et Sharko, sortie en 2011 dans la catégorie Familial, n’est autre qu’un épique groupement d’épisodes très bien produites et écrites dans les moindre détails. So he sabotages all of the little shrimp’s plans. Marina wants to protect them. after accidentally tossing Sharko's fertilizer in the ocean, Marina creates a new one that makes all the plants in his garden grow huge. Zig & Sharko TV - Cartoon for kids Recommended for you 20:49 For Sharko, it’s a total freak-out, and for Zig? Marina decided to have a school on the beach with her young sea creature friends as some students. Bernie comes up with a few Zig-clones. They decide to liberate Sharko... Neptune hears Marina singing, and has her record a CD. 07.45 Dessin animé Zig et Sharko. "Volte-face", "Dazibao" et les inédits. Sharko suggests a deal to Zig : a way to put the smile back on Marina’s face. Sharko, Zig and Bernie remember the time the boat almost sank when it hit a rock. Zig & Sharko - Opening Credits - Season 1 (HD), Zig & Sharko - Opening Credits - Season 2 (HD). A night club opens at the edge of the beach! Sharko and Zig have to join forces to free Marina and bring her back home…. But with his coconut palm sleigh and seals instead of reindeer, discretion is not the first word that comes to mind…, Marina finds herself caught in the old pool at the end of the island. Sharko isn’t keen but Zig presents himself as a Tyrolean mountain guide. But instead, he hooks onto Bernie's shell... and swings him onto the mermaid's lap. Magnets fly out, ‘nailing’ the two buddies to the sides of the cargo-plane. Marina gets Sharko a new pair of sneakers for him to run the upcoming marathon with, both of which turn out to be way too small for his feet. It's cleaning day in the castle! Zig takes advantage of the situation in order to kidnap her…. Le roi des animaux, Épisode 34 de la Saison 2 de Zig et Sharko, une série TV lancée en 2010. Sortie en FR en 2011 dans la catégorie Familial, l’épisode 7 qui dure 7, a été notée de 4.30 et a eu 6 votes. In short: he’s the STRONGEST of them all! Join Zig & Sharko channel and boost your fun with all the beach team! Sharko trains Marina for a swimming competition, but Zig's constant efforts to capture her don't make it easy. Zig has a zillion ideas of how to capture the mermaid thanks to his new oversized ally. Three mermaids come to visit Marina; Sharko gives the four of them martial arts self-defense lessons. She walks off, fed up. Zig finds an odd little box in the jungle, presses a button and finds himself in a parallel world with bizarre physical laws! Informations . 07.10 Série TV Candice Renoir. Zig becomes a magician to capture Marina, but finds his magic is no match for Sharko's. ... 09.30 Documentaire Une saison au Puy du Fou. Zig dreams of nabbing the mermaid on horseback and galloping into the sunset. But the subsoil of a desert island is full of surprises…, In a people mag, Marina sees a photo of celebrities water skiing. Zig and Sharko sink into a crevice and land in an extraordinary world: the abyss! Si la saison 3 est déjà préachetée à la date du 28/03/18, c'est qu'il y aura une saison 3. Zig finds an old skateboard in a crate. La chute, Épisode 62 de la Saison 2 de Zig et Sharko, une série TV lancée en 2010. Zig finds him absolutely ridiculous… and is very pleased to discover that mockery can be a powerful weapon against the shark! Un château pour deux: Saison 3 épisode 44. samedi 19 déc. Sharko and Marina take advantage of this to visit the island but Marina gets lost. And Sharko tries to stop him, as usual. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Marina is given a little octopus to take care of. Zig decides to demolish it but the lighthouse keeper doesn't agree... A freighter runs aground on the beach. And that’s something Sharko does not appreciate... Marina wakes a pirate’s ghost – who promptly moves in with her. Sharko knocks his teeth out trying to get rid of it. Sharko is a hopeless cook. “Childhood days…” Once upon a time, little Zig, Sharko and Bernie got on like a house on fire, until a gorgeous little mermaid turned up and changed the rules. Zig and Sharko chase after each other on ‘sea-horse back’. During a chase, Zig, Sharko and Marina sink into the earth’s depths. During a fight, Zig and Sharko tumble into a lifeboat. Even if it means playing daddy's little doggy with Sharko? Zig sends Marina and Sharko on a fake treasure hunt in order to catch the mermaid, but they end up discovering a real abandoned galleon with cursed treasure inside. Marina is in her castle. Zig invents all sorts of illnesses to get her to come back…, Bernie adopts hundreds of cute little abandoned baby hermit-crabs. They get busy with pots, pans, fresh ingredients and exotic herbs. Hyène de vie - Saison 1 - Episode 1 + de diffusions > Jeux. Zig will turn them into inventions so he can get his mermaid : a spinning top becomes a propelling device, a croquet set, used as weapons, soap bubbles and even a giant robot…. Sharko plays ping-pong with Marina, winning every round. Zig and Bernie turn up with a miniature train that actually works. But Sharko has no trouble beating up Zig-Robot… until the hyena shows up in a real giant robot. La grille de diffusion des programmes - Zig et Sharko . In order to catch Marina, Zig tries them all out: inflatable life preservers, mattresses and armchairs. Marina curtly orders the shark to rebuild her house, exactly as it was. Sharko is terrified of heights… Zig sees an opportunity to nab the mermaid, beyond the shark’s reach! Zig and Bernie discover a whole bunch of objects in an abandoned cabin. Uh, don’t count on it... A Japanese whaling ship tries to catch Sharko, which is A-OK with Zig, who is not only going to help them, but of course take advantage of their presence in order to catch the mermaid… with no success of course…, A male manta ray has come to the lagoon for a stroll. For either Zig or Sharko, keeping up with the mermaid will take some work. The snow monster finds Zig so cute that he adopts it and takes it for his blanket. A trawler replete with its fisherman arrives in the lagoon and starts raking the seabed to get some scallops. Zig makes the most of Sharko’s absence to stalk Marina, but ends up being martyred by the little octopus. If only things could be like they were before! Zig and Sharko get stuck inside the ship's freezer, so they must work together to get out of there. A magnificent jaguar shows up on the beach and Zig immediately ingratiates himself. Everything is calm and luxurious until an annoying fly spoils the atmosphere. An ice floe has even formed in the lagoon, isolating Marinas rock. This morning Bernie's day, but he is too small to care for him returned Zig Bernie back to the hopper to the ground and broke his helmet and saw the colored animal was Zig and Marina and Sharko much loved him and gave him the idea Bernie to love. Even the wildest, most far-out inventions of Bernie aren’t enough to prod him back into action... A cargo ship runs aground on the beach, its hold loaded with toys. When Sharko turns the beautiful beach into a garbage dump, Marina orders him to clean it up. Not easy for Sharko to present his adored Mermaid to these two…, Marina and Sharko go on holiday… to a campsite. There’s an intruder in her stock: Zig disguises himself as a cocoon- what a monster! ... Zig et Sharko Saison 1 2 épisodes Guess who their neighbours are? Sharko is just as hopeless on horseback…. When Marina takes up lifeguard duty on the beach, Zig pretends to drown in order to get her attention. Tourists are not fond of sharks, so Neptune gets rid of Sharko by throwing him into the dungeon. Everyone will be entitled to his double. Zig tries to eat Marina at night while she's sleeping, so Sharko must save her without making too much noise, as she gets extremely angry when woken up. Super jealous, Sharko quickly shows up on the scene. Zig appears, distraught over Bernie's health. Olivier Jean-Marie (Saison 1), Andrès Fernandez (Saisons 2 & 3), Cédric Dietsch & Khalil Ben Naamane (Saison 3) ... Retrouvez Zig & Sharko sur les réseaux ... Oggy et les Cafards, le jeu. Sharko's hearing becomes highly sensitive after an accident involving the ship's horn, which proves to be a useful weakness to Zig. What a challenge! Dedans, il y a deux grands cerceaux en acier posés sur un socle. But when Sharko reaches the diving board, he realizes that he’s scared to death of heights. An evil lightning bolt strikes the ship’s clock, and puts it out of joint. It turns out that in the past a would-be "mama" raised them side by side... A couple of tourists arrive by boat on the beach. The beach people are attacked by a masked assailant who sprays everyone with ink. Miss France 2021: pourquoi Jean-Pierre Foucault avait-il la voix cassée? Zig takes advantage of her gullibility to attract her into various traps, but he mainly attracts Sharko’s jealousy and rage. En essayant de la délivrer, Sharko se prend une décharge électrique qui le prive temporairement de l'usage de ses nageoires. His shrieks of pain draw Marina over to the island. They are accompanied by a crazy astronaut who uses Sharko as a guinea-pig for various scientific experiments. The elephant, however, soon gets fed up with the hyena’s hysterical plans and balks…. The hitch?

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