Announced at the 1976 Paris Salon, the revised version – identifiable by its more orthodox quad-headlamp front end and a chunky rear spoiler – packed an all-alloy V6 engine in its shapely tail. Salut la compagnie voilà je décide de lancer un nouveau topic, ben voilà faire le listing des voitures que vous avez conduites, et des voitur... - Auter : karkass - Page : 9 - Pages : 17 - … The connection with the Hai is a revelation. But despite this, the A310 V6 was Alpine’s greatest sales success. ? Hi Don, I just spotted and read your great article. It just shows that size doesn’t always matter. Sites sport automobile du groupe Renault. Marque snobbery? Renault thought the development of the V6 A310 in 1976 could possibly defeat the Stratos; Wrong. Also the A110-A310 transition is similar in many ways to ‘growing pains’ experienced by Lotus with the move from Elan/Europa to Elite/Eclat. 1982 Red Alpine Renault A310 V6 Sports Car right hand passengers side view of 1982 red alpine renault a310 v6 classic french left hand drive 2 two doo Paris, France. It was also anticipated to put it in a completely new Alpine road car. The ‘Black Knight’ (top) was the first attempt at a slant nose, and the ‘Daytona’ (based on stylist Wayne Cherry’s Ferrari Daytona) came soon after. Power would come from a Renault 17 four-pot slung behind the same R12 Gordini transaxle used in the A110. This means that if you have a PDF software reader, you will be able to view, print, or download these documents. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. That’s extremely flattering Paul. Renault stylist Michel Béligond was seconded to Alpine in Dieppe to help with this new model. Rallye Suedliche Weinstrasse 2017 Der Alpine A310 (auch: Alpine Renault A310 oder Renault Alpine A310) ist ein Sportwagen des französischen Automobilherstellers Alpine, der von Frühjahr 1971 bis Anfang 1985 hergestellt wurde. En parallèle, la Régie fait bénéficier Alpine du contrat de préconisation signé avec Elf ce qui permet de débloquer un budget de compétition complémentaire, tandis que Philippe Lamirault ouvre le réseau des concessionnaires Renault à la diffusion des A110 puis A310. As the top image by ‘Manfred’ at Forum Alpine Renault shows, the car was to receive an underbody shroud. In 1976 the A310 was restyled by Robert Opron and fitted with the more powerful and newly developed V6 PRV engine. The origins of the Alpine name came from Rédélé’s own competition experiences. In 1983 it was offered at 131,000 Fr and that rose to 140,880 Fr in 1984. AMC added to that with Le Car. The facts, analysis and with pictures – all on a little known marque. The idea of producing a sports car upon which to pin post-war French pride began to germinate in Rédélé’s fertile mind and, in ’52, having failed to stimulate interest among domestic coachbuilders, he commissioned Allemano to construct a Michelotti-styled coupé on the 4CV platform. Alpine may have abandoned the Col de Turini in favour of China in Your Hand, but the Dieppe firm had far from sold out. It was during this period that he, Béligond, or the both of them together came to the early 1968 shape in Dieppe. Comments (0) Overview; Reviews (1) Discussion; Game Version: 1.22 Controller Type: Game Controller Vehicle Manufacturer: Alpine Performance Points: 400 PP Max. I reply that the mystery coupé is an Alpine-Renault, but he doesn’t look convinced. The Alpine A310 was a sports car with a rear-mounted engine and was initially powered by a four-cylinder 1.6 L sourced Renault 17 TS/Gordini engine. Despite the fact that the Michelotti car was not favoured, Rédélé rather sneakily ordered a two-seater cabriolet prototype from Michelotti/Allemano based on the coupe as the Renault project progressed. It is interesting to see those early Rédélé coupes and compare them to the contemporary 356. Though the Alpine name is held in high esteem by aficionados, there is limited global understanding of what it stands for. 21 déc. The A310 was sold in Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Mexico and Portugal – which combined made up almost 50% of sales of the model. However, Michel Béligond had multiple sclerosis. Would have been fascinating seeing a version of the Alpine A310 powered by either a Gordini or PRV V8 as well as the 160 hp 1.4 Turbo from the rally focused Renault 5 Turbo. Rouler en ancienne c’est comme aller rendre visite à ses grands-parents. Comme je l'ai dit j'ai eu une A310 V6 et je faisais partie d'un club Alpine, vu le nombre de rasso que j'ai fait à l'époque je n'ai jamais vu une seule A310 V6 turbo, ni … The Alpine was not a cheap car. Its unconventional handsomeness wins me over. Maybe I should (clearly WRC related material is my forte)? The security man’s puzzled frown broadens as he peers into the ‘boot’ and discovers two and a half litres of turbocharged V6. Aimed at improving refinement without damaging the Berlinette’s legendary cornering ability, the improved rear end would also be adopted in 1973 for the final four years of A110 production. which came first? Peter Stevens had been directly involved with the Alpine for the introduction of the V6 model, launched in late 1976. It look bulbous and ungainly. This is the most understated puzzle piece of this whole article. Initial competion using the A310 proved it to be equally as fragile as the early A110 series cars, and a new predator was also lurking about in semi-homologated state at the same time; the Lancia Stratos. Build quality on the A310 was not great. When exactly it was diagnosed is not clear. The Renault-Gordini inline-four might have still been small, but it was certainly potent by this stage: the exhausts on the 16-valve version were quite a work of art. Though Prieur’s use of the backbone differed in that the central tube did not carry a driveshaft, it predated Colin Chapman’s efforts with the Lotus Elan by at least two years. The factory continued to release new and innovative road cars throughout the Seventies and Eighties, including the A310 V6 and the GTA. Go for it. Alpine lance un programme de journées sur circuits pour ses clients. Great find and a magnifique article Don! Haven’t seen that example before, those widened ducts look serious. The versions with slats and rear spoiler help, but the bare version is a problem for me. But the A310 was not the competitive sibling in the family. Instead of the Chappe et Gessalin proposal, the Michelotti Renault prototype somehow found itself announced as the next new model in the Alpine range. In 1976 the A310 was restyled by Robert Opron and fitted with the more powerful and newly developed V6 PRV engine. The wording on the rear spoiler was flipped to read ‘Renault Alpine’. of Jean Rédélé and the Alpine years to the mid-1960s. The A310 did not share in the benefit of this dual personality, due large in part to the greater heft it carried around to begin with. Faster at the expense of more rear weight bias, It took Group 5 homologation (which was not FIA WRC sanctioned) to slightly better the power of a Group 4 Stratos. In 1981, Yves Legal produced this sketch. The Alpine A310 was a sports car with a rear-mounted engine and was initially powered by a four-cylinder 1.6 L sourced Renault 17 TS/Gordini engine. This is what all junior supercars should be like. Throughout this piece I have used the lower numbers quoted, but I’m not sure they are all to the same standards and are really only presented here for comparative purposes. I prefer the 15’s glasshouse, and thank goodness they both got the loop bumper. Across the life of the A310, there would be very little change made to the body. I finally got the chance to see one in person at a car show back in ’07. Carrozzeria Fissore appears to have had no commercial arrangement at all with Alpine or Renault, neither before nor after this time. Bryce made the same observations re the Firenza. Sometime around 1967, Michel Béligond joined Jean Rédélé and Roger Prieur in Dieppe, and they started working together on the new Alpine model at Rédélé’s kitchen table. The A310 was the next modern interpretation of the A110. Rédélé would later insist that Michelotti was not involved with this emerging Berlinette shape, and he was technically correct. In late 1975, a detuned VG version was released with a 1,647cc engine fed by a single 32 Weber for 95 hp (71 kW). ALPINE A310 CALBERSON / TEAM SLOT. The Alpine story begins in Dieppe in the early 1950s. The A310 is deceptively quick – it goes like stink, in fact – yet it’s wonderfully cosseting. Though I do also find the original V6 quite beautiful, and a better performer. There were a few prototype bodies built bearing much resemblance to the Citroen-controlled Maserati Bora and Merak in their flip-up headlights, flying buttresses and rear-end treatments. In 1972, only a year after they had delivered the factory prototype, Coggiola presented another A310 body to Alpine. Mangusta, I can see. This, however, was overshadowed by several factors. Power would come from a Renault 17 four-pot slung behind the same R12 Gordini transaxle used in the A110. How devastating it must have been for this man – whose delicacy of touch went to the very essence of his character – see his facility ebb away just as he was in the midst of perhaps the most exciting project of his career. Excellent ! Beneath its neatly proportioned shell, the A110 ditched Dauphine running gear in favour of R8 mechanicals, which meant double-wishbone suspension at the front, swing arms at the back and disc brakes all round. In 1957 Rédélé asked Michelotti for another coupe which was delivered in 1958, though it’s not clear whether this was intended as a Renault or Alpine proposal. That is depressing…. The proposal was only a plaster styling mockup, but it remained with Renault for a year as they considered whether to proceed with it. Alpine est réputé pour créer de superbes voitures de sport extrêmement efficace sur routes et circuits. Its distinctive silhouette was like no other, and it also excelled as a performance vehicle. It really is staggering, yet feels utterly benign – on a twisty mountain pass, I can imagine few cars being more inspiring. No one can beat the French, that’s Renault and Peugeot, when it comes to B-segment hot hatches. In addition, the outside mirror is almost useless as it mounts too close to the side of the car.’. Rédélé had committed to a new Dieppe factory in Bréauté Street that became operational in 1969. Alongside its ’80s stablemate it really is tiny, but boy does it punch above its weight. That same year the road cars were badged ‘Alpine Renault’ and were now available through the authorised Renault dealer network. Deutsche Aircraft is built on the heritage and expertise of 328 Support Services GmbH, the Type certificate holder of the Dornier 328 … The firm ride and gruff soundtrack are probably best sampled in small doses, and I think that it would be hard not to treat every road as a rally stage – much to the detriment of your licence. It was very similar to the first, although it had lost its moustache and had gained a cleaner shoulder-line and tighter greenhouse. – an exhaustive and exacting blog detailing the driving career The cornering power is tremendously high with virtually no roll. I can`t possibly add anything new to the comments, so I`ll just give this article an A+. Though the Trident was publicised as a Fissore creation, it appears that Fiore might not have actually been an employee of the carrozzeria, but rather a freelancer. Couple court pour RENAULT 5 Turbo et Alpine A310 8x35 à boulonner Le couple conique est constitué de 2 éléments : Un pignon à queue conique, dit aussi pignon d’attaque et d’une couronne. The form arrived at by Alpine in 1968 bore a marked resemblance to the 1970 Monteverdi Hai. The final piece of the puzzle is the frontal treatment of the car. It must have taken extensive research to write and to obtain all that photographic history. In 1976, Renault Sport was formed to take charge of Renault’s racing activities.

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